Mounting & Lamination
The process of mounting involves the adherence of images/paintings to various types of backing boards. We offer two types of mounting to complete your project - Pressure Sensitive Mounting with maximum dimensions of 5ft X 10ft and Hot Press mounting (43 X 67). We use sunboards and foamboards as the backing material, as well as Archival boards with pH-buffered Dry Rag Mounting Film, for Archival mounting. DIS is also the only studio in India to offer Aluminium Archival mounting (5ft X 10ft) and Dibond mounting backing board.

The lamination of photographs prevents them from creasing, fading, wrinkling, and gives them an overall finishing touch. We offer both Matte and Glossy laminates, and take up large corporate commercial projects as well as small-scale projects for exhibitions or for home use.